Just another idea.

Dear Epic games.
As I am sure you have noticed having a large fanbase is difficult mainly because it’s demands more more more. I’m going suggest an idea so please stick around till the end. First let us discuss what you are doing with this engine you are creating features to fulfill what you are trying to create internally, that is the main purpose of this engine. So when you opened this up to the public you had no desire or need to become a slave to our(the community’s) every wish because that would get you nowhere. But we do use your engine because of what it can do for our projects (for that we are VERY grateful). That fact as you have noticed is well overlooked quite abit, but you have also noticed we can have good ideas and know how to fix bugs. With that being said my request/idea is this based of of the amount of stuff we do for you including making profitable games, you would designate a small team 1-3 people to work for a month (if that’s to long don’t sweat it) on the most requested feature from us the community. If that feature is incomplete at the end of that time you would release the source code for us to finish up.
P.S It could also be a community made feature like RyanTorant’s AHR, and you could help finish it up and implement it in the engine.

The engine features aren’t solely based on their own project needs. UE4 is meant to be versatile and they add/fix many user requests each release. It’s a bonus when they are working on a project and create a new solution–like the hair and eye shaders they added.

I never said it was I said that was their main goal. Didn’t I?