Just another common beginner's problem: How to start to learn ue4?

Yo guys,
I’m new in this community and like many ue4 users, I hope to release a multiplayer game as soon as possible.
At this moment I’m following “massive tutorials” on youtube to get started with ue4 and I have to say that they are very nice simply tutorials. I have seen about the first 50 tutorials of that playlist but now I realise that I understood nothing “important” from that resource.
I have a lot of doubts about the content of that videos (for example I haven’t understood the logic behind the animation of the caracthers) and I didn’t understand how to script well with blueprints.
Over that massive tutorial playlist I discovered also a free ebook about ue4 but It was more complex than unreal engine youtube tutorials.
So, for this reason I decided to start a topic here: Do you know any resource I could see in order to understand better blueprint functions and when to apply them?
Anyway If you know also other resources that could be usefull for dummies like me, please let me know them

The best way to learn blueprints is -> learning by doing. So just try to create something and when you have a problem, ask here in the forum -> we are always here to help :slight_smile:

Btw, dont post questions into this section -> in the other sections you get a faster answer :wink:

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest reading over the UE4 BP docs

Has some decent videos on how to do some things. I hope they help. I am currently working on more now that I have my desktop computer back with me.

I would also suggest checking out digital-tutors they break things down in an easy-to-understand way. If you’re a student you should be able to get a free account there.