Just an idea

Hi, I’m pretty sure most of you will ignore my thread saying that I am stupid or something, but I hope you’ll read this till end.

So, everyone knows that on the trailer the game (like mmorpg) looks so amazing, rogue make so fast moves evading all attacks, knight blocks the most powerfull hit and the whole team makes the ending blow or something like that. But if you play the game you look on those amazing aminations, amazing numbers and notifications like BLOCKED or EVADE…

Why nobody makes some game that have a character that can “scan” a monster reading it’s power, defence etc so that the knight could know if he can block his attacks using some cool moves to block from above, from sides with sword, shield or axe, so the monster will be blocked for a while, rogue could make some cool unique moves to evade attacks fast, mage that will be more as just fireball thrower (i have some ideas for this too)

So an example for knight - if he wear only a big sword, he can block an attack from above and from left/right if his opponent haven’t more str points as our characters defence, else he’ll get damage, while blocking he will kick enemy on floor if he haven’t more def as we have str.

I have some ideas for other classes too, like for a mage - he could cast a spell that will make his real body stay at place invicible while he’ll go with fake body that will consume mana to exist, I have a lot of ideas to make the game have something that other games don’t offer.

So my point is to get people that have time and wanna try something like this, to make game little more realistic as only some attack/skill animations and hp points looped, let’s make a game that will need to cooperate, to get ppl together that they will need to help each other if they want to win such game.

I am new to UE, I’m learning to put everything together in my projects and just started to make objects in maya. As the title say - it’s just an idea, say me if it make sense.

Regards, Adam.

That type of animation is great, but it takes a lot of work to make if flow well–look at games like Batman: Arkham Knight, or Assassin’s Creed, they have very extensive animation systems to try and capture all kinds of situations so that the animations look realistic. The main issue is that it just takes a lot of work, not just animators but the programming side to get a system set up to do that type of stuff.

I see, so we’ll also need to buy newest PC’s to play such game, right? As I said, I’m new in this kind of stuff, and it was only an idea :slight_smile:

I will just do some progress to learn that it is not that easy as everyone (like me) think.

Thanks for answering!

It’s not necessarily something that would require a powerful PC to play–just really complicated to get good results, a lot of animation work. It’s the type of project where you do a massive amount of work to get that feature.