Just a suggestion but i think the metahuman creator could use a character movement component

Just thought i give my input to such a amazing tool and happy to be able to explore early access watching it develop. I find they are great for animating but one the issues i have is having to create a seperate character blueprint and copy things over to use them for a game character. I could not seem to add a character movement componet to the metahumans blueprint. Anyways keep up the good work guys this tool is definitly gonna be a game changer. trying to model and rig characters like that is such a tideous and technical job ive found im really looking forward to seeing how metahumans progress in the future.

After seeing the character models, and having zero ability in unreal engine, I have made an observation and have a thought that may be of help…

The hip sway amount, and also how the models perch on their feet when walking, if these two peramiters were put on a spectrum 0-100, minimum peramiter setting to maximum effective peramiters, then averaged out and randomized throughout the metahumans, this should create a more organic feel.

Rather than having all models having the same movement peramiters based only on body size and skeletal structure.

Just a thought :slight_smile: