Just A Small City Project

Rough, not so optimized version of Kuala Lumpur.
No further plan for optimizing and adding more stuff to it as I’m trying to make a lighter version for iPad and smartphones.

Very nice. What is your process for transitioning between the slowly spinning menu cam to the controllable camera? I have been trying to get a simple interface like that but can’t seem to figure out what the best way is.

In blueprint, just use ‘Set View Target with Blend’ followed by ‘Delay’ and ‘Possess’. Blend time and the Delay duration should be the same.

Ah, that’s perfect. Thanks!

Did you import the surrounding lands from google map?

As for the surrounding buildings, were they made from scratch?

Almost everything is made from ground up, except for some well known buildings which are available from Google Map.

There are no svg map nor Google 3D map for that city yet. Which is why I had to put everything manually.
It is a good experience though, having to optimize all the housings by instancing, LODs etc.

It’s impossible you made the land manually by hand. You must have downloaded it somewhere.

Haha, I wish I could just download it.

I really did all by hand, including the landscape painting. Thanks to the mostly flat grounds, it was an easy process. The landscape material also helps with the blending of surrounding using depth pass.
Took me a week straight just for the landscape, another week for roads and houses.