Just a simple question: All I want to use is the Dino models

I own Ark on steam and am looking into building my own open world system, BUUUUUT to save me a TON of time, I simply want to use the dinos from Ark until I get the alpha stage done; which I will then make my own.

Can I use them?
If so, where can I download JUST the Dino models as I don’t feel like downloading 67GB just to extract models in .fbx format?


Well, I think Wildcard has said as much as their assets are essentially free-for-all, though I think it then becomes a question of morality and ethics if one were considering using them in a published game without replacing them - but you’ve stated you intend on doing this. Either way, I believe the answer is yes.

Nowhere, to my knowledge. I don’t think anybody’s gone to the lengths of stripping out specific types of assets for public use, there’s really been no need as people generally mod for ARK and don’t need/want the assets for something else. That said, I believe you’re left with downloading the DevKit yourself to get what you want unless you can convince someone to do it for you and upload them somewhere you can download them.


Actually I would be careful with that - I am not sure if wildcard really permits the use of models for anything but modding ark. I recommend you check the modding kit terms of use and probably also contact them.
You wouldn’t want a lawsuit with a multi-million dollar company or a takedown of your game;)

@ShadeFlea, i don’t think that you’re allowed to use any content of ARk for your project. So far i know, you can use the dev kit content only for ARK mods and map, but nothing outside from ARK.

Thanks guys for your thoughts! I may stick to basic blocks moving around until I get to where the gameplay itself is smooth and fun, then work on the art from the ground up.
Again thanks!