Just a newcomer planning on specializing on flat-map strategy games.

I Know you should not have a specific Idea for someone as In-fit or Un-Experienced as me, a 17 Year old from Alabama… But i have hope and passion to work with. I have been gaming since i was five until today, and I will admit, I am much more of a open world or games that you can effect your path… So racing games and such were, never really my cup of coke or tea. i stepped into several types of games, shooters, first, second, third person, you name it… but what i have really always loved are historical games, as I am somewhat of a absolute nerd in history and playing a game where you not only are Not in the present, but can effect history if an amazing concept to me, There is one game in particular that may have pushed me from a mere Gamer to wanting to develop my skills to actually design them. the Sheer size of such a simple game fascinated me… it wasn’t 3D or anything… but it really made me feel like i was running a country through world wars one and two… the first in particular being the most Interesting to play through, but that’s my mere opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:
The technology tree, industrial capacity values and such really Made the game seem real… especially with the Historically accurate ministers, some like Kaiser Wilhelm, Churchill, Roosevelt, and even More controversial leaders Like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, To say the least, this game was, and still is the bomb, especially with mods… and then came victoria 2… at first too complicated to my tastes, but i grew to adore it as well… same case with Europa Universalies, Mostly since my true Understanding of total history does not begin until around 1740 or so.

But there Was a issue with these games… they are as hard As heck to modify, it’s possible but difficult, and None of them really took place both from the age of revolutions and before until today and the future, accurately with economics and such. This is where the idea for my first, Goal-game is… a game that i accept Most likely will not be my first creation, however it will be a goal to reach, i mean… I am only Seventeen, surely it should be Plausible to program and create by the time I am Twenty seven or so. But it is still something i look forward to, What i wish to call, politica.

The main structure of the game, from my plans is a grid structure. Each map is divided in Orval like shapes, exactly the same everywhere, even water. The Game will have Plain, ocean, lake, nuclear wasteland, polluted, jungle, arctic, Minor hill, small hill, large hill, general mountain and even massive mountain tiles. With this, with any map, the showing of states within countries, or puppet states can be shown in a much more detailed way, as even in The wonderful Darkest Hour, If you cut through Bavaria, the order that Germany looses provinces is nearly always the same, here, it would not be as the AI would have many more places to send an army through. I should also add that i plan on this being perhaps the first, to my knowledge, attempt to create a ultra realistic Political, Economic and army simulator with a rather simple editor that you can create oceans, continents, countries, puppet states, states within a nation, their government and perhaps even a flag generator as a different program to come with the game.

The economic system should be interesting as you can build several types of mines, factories, harbors and such, and resources will be disturbed in a realistic manner, and it will also allow the creator of a new map to place certain Things in a certain number of provinces in a particular area. There will be a Financial, Banking, Agricultural production, Industrial production, Consumer and Life rating scale in the planned International comparison tab in-game that compares countries to one another, to have a sense of political realism. as this will be most helpful for parts of the game set before 1780 or so, before Most countries even understood the concept of industry, as banking, Agricultural Production and financial Strength could still possibly be realistic estimated while the Industrial rating may be 0-5 for most countries, except for the rare exception of England in that era who may have a 10 Point Industrial rating, But i am getting ahead of myself.
My goal to make this game easy to mod Is that i adore mods, and truly see the potential in them from graphics Improvements to new units and tech to even a almost new a result of the simple grid system, Creating tiles that cover a map should not be too much of a pain… Perhaps if we program for each tile to have to sides, both can be taken by a country or enemy for the when the more detailed settings are implemented for war and such. I estimate that it may not be all that hard to program the tiles perhaps to act as borders, uninhabited areas and water… as thank gosh, this is a " Look straight down’ type of game where it can all be just in well done 2D if needed, a 3D version may perhaps be the Second edition of the game as it isn’t totally needed, but could be nice.

But i do realize that Before i do this, I must find a way to program the Map editor… why not? it could make everything easier, and i can implement the Units, technologies, government effects, industrial effects, factory employment and so on later. Though perhaps making a program like this could be a Rusted needle in the rear, it may be worth it in the end… and will make even the Base or vanilla scenarios editable to the player, which is my goal, for them to simulate their dream world in a realistic way. The First issue to overcome in my mind is how to find a way to make the world creator make new tiles… should we make them in a 2D modeling program… Or?.. something else? we must also find another way to Code the program to expand the amount of tiles and such in a bird eye’s view of the estimated map, without making the player click each time for each tile… which may truthfully be torture if they are making a Giant earth map or Ultimate European map… this is all i have to say for now, Just message me here if anyone here is interested in helping… and yes, i have drawn and designed sketches of the game’s possible look and all, and i am going to design the World creator soon. Hopefully i did not take up too much of your time fellow, brilliant Game makers. :slight_smile:
Keep in mind, i am broke and don’t even have a job yet, until this summer… so you will have to work without pay unless we really hit the jackpot in luck and are able to create an actual company sometime in the truthfully distant future. Thank you.


Good luck! It is a long road indeed. :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!