Just a new guy!

Hello all,

I am a below level for basic knowledge of this. I am crazy interested in creating something with Unreal Engine. I am not posting to ask anything or looking for advice. Just putting a hello out there :slight_smile:

Since installing Unreal Engine on my computer I have definitely found a new hobby. Everyday I am watching videos and trying to learn how to use the program and so many ideas of what I would like to make keeps running through my mind! At this point I would be happy to have a character that I made run around a field of nothing just so I could look at it and say " Hey! I made that!" lol

well then welcome to the forum and UE4:)

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Whenever you have questions, post them into the forum or answerhub -> we are always here to help :smiley:

I love that enthusiasm, keep it up :smiley:
And GL & HF with UE!

Hey there and welcome :smiley:

Welcome to UE4.

Welcome FrostyFire!