Just A Minute: McGameJam 2017 winner

Hello everyone,

A group of friends and I participated to a game jam called McGameJam in Montreal this weekend.

It was a 45 hours jam. We made our game using UE4.15 and were awarded one of the Ubisoft Jury’s choice awards.
Most of the jam’s participants came around to try our game so I thought it’d be interesting to share our result with you here.

We were 5 developers and one sound designer. 3D assets are from the marketplace, most 2D art and UIs were done by us. Sounds were integrated with Wwise.

I’d put a link to a downloadable build, but there’s something wrong with the Wwise plugin integration and it keeps us from building. We’ll figure it out later, so here’s a youtube.https://youtube.com/watch?v=lmL_tmAnI1c
Hope you enjoy. We may spend some time putting in a few improvements so feel free to comment if you notice anything.