Just a fun short showcase of a project I am working on

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2nd vid bit longer


Yeah somebody who knows wich colors marsians needs to be … green. :laughing:

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Very cool, the lighting effects look nice!

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Greetings @Dougie-T !

This is looking sweet thus far! My only critique is how pitch dark it is at night. Will you be incorporating any flash grenades, hand-held flashlights, or body flashlights for those extremely dark areas? Also, in the future, will a player be able to recruit townies to join in the resistance against the aliens? Can the townies be abducted by aliens?

Thankyou, yes i turned the darkness right down but can easily be adjusted, i have a torchlight that can be picked up and used, may try to attach one to guns as well, i like your ideas lol the abduction idea is and resistance is something to think about, could have it so that the alien ship hoovers folk up lol

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