Just a few questions

Hey everybody! I downloaded UE4 yesterday and I want to get into this beautiful world of game developing.
I’ve seen this video:
from UE team and I want to ask you about something:

  1. This character looks so good, which modelling software shoud I use to make something like this? Zbrush, blender, Maya…?
  2. What should I use to create that dynamic coat that character is wearing? It looks so cool and I don’t know is this done in the modelling software when creating a character or it’s something else like nVidia physics that make it so realistic.

I’m sorry if something that I asked is just common things in game developing but I’m new to all this.
I’m really looking forward to your answers! Thank you!

-Kindly regards, Dom

For making a character as well as the outfit of him you must make it on a 3rd party software such as blender(free), 3ds max(paid), etc. Google them and youtube them too :wink:
Pick whatever suits you well, I have seen incredible jobs beeing done in blender. 3ds max just has more features as I’m aware
As for the 2nd question, I haven’t experimented myself, so someone else more experienced will answer

Thanks for your reply Innos! I’ve also seen some really nice work done in blender so I think I’ll stick to it.

In response to the second question… it’s both.

The coat is modelled in an external modelling program and they NVIDIA APEX was used to simulate physics.

APEX for use in UE4:



If you need anything else just ask or PM.

Good luck and never give up,

~ Jason

Thank you so much Jason! I’m glad you showed me those tutorials.
I’m so happy to see that UE4 community is very active and big. Thank you guys so much. Having a game engine with so strong support is giving me much of motivation to work in it and learn every aspect of it.

My pleasure!

~ Jason

When you use blender for your character, you will have to do the apex part in the SDK version -> :slight_smile: