Just a few questions about blueprints

So i have been struggling to find correct documentation and simple examples on Blueprints and doing things, i found UE4 Documentation but alot of it is not included inside the ark dev kit.

  1. flexibility with adding people to premade Tribes, ie Red and blue etc

  2. Steping in to trigger X puts you in tribe X

  3. Displaying score system, maybe widgets on screen

  4. Functionality X score = trigger event X

  5. Spawning dinos in

  6. what type of settings can we add with spawning dinos, stats? colour etc?

Im new with blueprint functionality and i am really looking for basis maybe some simple examples or anyone who would be willing to add me and skype and give me a little guidance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you have any useful information please remember i am rather new with this, i have lots of experience in programming and map making for other games, just not UE4