Just a few launcher feature requests

Just a couple of requests that would be beneficial to the launcher. The first shouldn’t be too difficult, the second, well, it has been probably the most requested, yet not implemented, feature since the launcher and marketplace has existed.

Request 1: Default installation location for Create Project > It would be awesome if we could designate the default location to install new projects within the settings menu.

Request 2: Wishlist > This is probably the longest held feature request for the launcher.

Request 3: Purchased Content Categorization > As many of us (namely, myself), build up our resource libraries, it is starting to become a PITA to find the item I want to add to my project. It would be nice to be able to see the resource category, as it is in the marketplace, for organization purposes.

If I knew how to do launcher modifications and pull requests, at least the first one I (might) be able to pull off. But alas :S