Just a concern... maybe u can shine a litle light on it...

Ok so i am upgrading to windows 10, My concerns are as follows:

  • what happens when i upgrade do i loose all my data and files
  • do i need to reinstall unreal engine 4
  • if so do i need to log in again or will my password and username be remembered from the database and ip address of my pc to make sure its me
  • if i forgot my password or my account gets hacked how many chances do i get to login and reset my password?

You can download UE4 to any PC, you just install the launcher and log in to your account

If you’re moving to Windows 10 it’s probably best to backup your projects, you might be able to install on over Windows 7/8 and keep apps and files, but it’s always best to play it safe. Programs can be reinstalled, files can’t.

thats a risk i’m willing to take…