Jurrasic Park

Another game im working on. this is only day ones w


It looks really cool. What kind of game-type is it? RPG, FPS, Top-Down?

It a fps survival horror game, also has tourist mode,

Good luck with it.Tried it myself in Cryengine,UE4 is far better choice though.It’s a whole lot of work,reference images and scale issues.

^Legend! ������

Wow that looks very impressive. Did you ever finish it or did you stop working on it?

I am recreating the raptor pen because old model was not acurate to movie.

hope to see it anytime soon :smiley:

Yeah ill upload my progress of it now.

Raptor pit progress,

62ab88283456180c222597692c70ff55b81c8acc.jpeg Not finnished yet.

b2e6aabf27d7690d598c0c21cf8eb251f20badfb.jpeg Raptor pit

My reference image.

More progress

Fences nearly up …

870bd02c0e41e380c0f40bf8f7063e1f0abfe674.jpeg Getting theire.

Nearly finnished …


Interesting. Will be following this. =)

Thank you glad to hear that … :smiley:

d1b1e35412457ca3832b215d946c4854a17fe7b5.jpeg Not much left now.-

Finnished ready for engine.