Jurassic pArk mod

Hey everyone! My name is Norbert Gardonyi. Currently I’m working on something, that (hopefully) will excite a few people. The whole island of Jurassic Park (Isla Nublar) Ark-ized. The game mode is the same: survive, make a tribe, build, craft, loot, raid repeat. The map will have the famous and historic buildings (even the Jurassic Park gate, woohoo), and buildings from the new movie Jurassic World, and will also feature new ones. All of the building are enterable, you can walk around in them, check every thrash can and locker to find some food, clothes, flashlights or other electronics. But loot is not the only thing that spawns there. spooky voice

The story is set around the new movie: Jurassic Park has been rebuilt and re-opened. You were just a casual tourist, who came to feed stegos from hand, and eat popcorn while driving between the legs of brontos. Until the dinos broke loose, and started feeding themselves with people’s hands. And legs. Your objective is to stay alive, either in a group, or on your own, until the rescue comes. If it ever comes. spooky voice again

Now, I wouldn’t call myself such a great modder. I used to work with cryengine. Only switched to UE4 about 4-5 months ago, so I’m kinda newby in many aspects. Any help is appreciated. (Yesterday’s stream was really helpful, thanks for it guys!)

It’s 02:44 am at this moment, I’ve been working on the map for about… let’s see… 16-17 hours today. This is what I have so far:





Here’s a reference image for those who are not familiar with the island:

The map is a hybrid: the individual mountains were created in WorldMachine, then they were put together (a.k.a. imprinted) in Mudbox, and was polished (and still not finished) in UE4 editor.

I’m checking in soon with more updates. Let me know what you think, and don’t hesitate to give me some suggestions! Thanks!

And also let me know if the name should be Jurassic Ark, or Jurassic pArk, or something else. I can’t come up with a better name…

Very cool!!

This needs to happen :smiley:

This looks pretty good.
If you need help creating some assets just let me know.
I have been thinking of doing something like this since I first started playing ARK.

How are you enjoying Unreal Engine so far?

It’s nice to see I’m not the one interested in designing Isla Nublar or something similar… been at it for days now, and finally close to having something workable :).

Since all we have are the movies and some references, there isn’t much to work on to be able to design something that is an exact replica. (Not that I want to since it’s nice to have some uniqueness to it.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I’m loving it! I’m glad it has a blueprint system, because in Cryeinge we had the same that thing called ‘Flowgraphs’, and even though in UE4 it is much more complicated, it is basically unlimited. In CE the possibilities were pretty limited i.m.o. And then comes the graphics…just wow.

Hi! Well, like I said every help is appreciated.
I’m having trouble modelling organic things. Models of embryos, dino skulls and bones, stuff like these. If you are interested working on such assets, feel free to contact me at norbertgardonyi@gmail.com
Thank you!

i have been working on a isla nublar island a couple of years ago in Cryengine i modded a height map to a grayscale and imported it to the engine but i never got the large map working properly. But i made some really nice JP/JW themed models over the year mostly buildings. But i’m thinking of switching to unreal engine.

Nice work i like JP :wink: same Project