Jurassic Explorer!Need to find a team.

This game is about exploring jurassic park.The main storyline starts after your arrival on isla Garmeth aka. site C.
You are a worker in ingen,a soldier sent to maintain the island security after power stop.
When you go there you find out that every creature(dinosaurs) are roming freely as a new ecosystem begins to engage.

Need a team:
One coder.
One 3D modeler.
One logo maker.
Thats all:
Contact me
(*Just for fans of the game,there will be no payment at start everything is contributed,if game is released we split by % 25%,25%,25%,25%)
(Working in UDK)
if you want to join send me a email or add me in skype
Planned platform for release Windows,Mac,Linux,
Planned gamemodes:Multiplayer,SinglePlayer,
Current team:Tomislav4eto(Main Developer),Mitko0111(Beta Tester),
Free places:Coder,3D Modeler(artist),Image modeler(Logos,etc.)

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