JurARKsic World - Would love some help!

Hey guys, just started making a map because I feel that the current ARK is a bit small and it lacks some biomes. Therfore I thought it would be awesome to create the world as we know it, BUT Im not sure how big I can make it. I know of those sublevels, but is it true that the map still cant be bigger than the biggest square available? I hoped I could put like 5 squares together, sadly that is probably not the case :frowning: I’ve made a height map of Europe which worked perfectly, but if I cant add anything else, Im kinda screwed.

Had an idea about creating the world like it was 60 million years ago but figured that its cooler to put your base in Germany, Japan or Norway than in a random world. Ive never created anything before so Im only using my creative mind and reading every forum that is created about this topic. A little help or something would be very appreciated. I really dont wont to throw every continent into a small square, it sucks if its ment to be like that :((( I can add my map when Im home.

Thanks in advance.