Junior Level Designer / Hard-surface Modeler LFW

Hello my finely-feathered friends,

I have been a 3d hobbyist for many years now, and do a fair share of independent contract work in VO and film acting, design, audio editing and more…I’m a bit all over the place, and decided to make my own little mini-game…during this process I got a lot more positive feedback than I thought, and felt I might benefit from posting a few samples here. All of the assets I created from scratch (aside from smart materials and the like).

I realize I have a lot to learn, but in terms of hard surface work (currently working in Blender 2.8) and texturing (Substance Painter), I’ve got a pretty good handle on things…at least enough to offer up my services as a Junior 3d artist, with a strong desire to learn and grow. If you are a company or individual looking for this quality of work at a ‘junior’ rate, please contact me.


Hi I am wondering if you would be interested in joining my team. we are making a sci-fi souls like with a heavy emphasis on stealth and on story. was wondering if you would be interested in this kind of game. thanx and have a good day!

BlondSalmon, I would love to hear more about the project. Please email me at the aforementioned email address, and we can go from there. Thank you for your interest.