Junior Gameplay Programmer

Hey, I’m looking currently for some work.
Mostly I’m interested in single player games, I haven’t done anything right now with networking, but I think I could handle this as well if needed.

I’ve done the Coins Project from Epic Games in C++, nothing special I know. Mostly I am writing C++ code which works fine with BP, so it’s friendly for artist and designers.

-Strong C++ experience,
-Good Blueprint Experience,
-Willing to learn new stuff.

Payment is really low and indie friendly, we can talk about that! If you’re interested I could also make an small task to prove that I can do the job!

Please write me to:

Greetings. : )

Hi UEnginner,
Do not underestimate your skills, if you are learning is fine, try to create an small demo reel and publish it into youtube or vimeo, try first to create something cool by your own, something with real passion and try to hit complicate topics like AI or character systems, 1 small project per month is fine, in 3 months you will have 3 elements more for your portfolio, you will wonder about how easy is get a job with a proper demo reel showing your skills, and please never use indie friendly prices expressions again

PD I try to create a new project every 2 months in my free time, trust me, it is very rewarding when you work with passion

Do you have any work samples? It would help getting noticed.

@ZkarmaKun thanks for your answer, that helps me a lot! Yeah I am actually still learning and I think Unreal is so big that I will never end learning. I will try to set up a portfolio! :slight_smile:

HI @UEngineer and @[HP] yes I have some samples, and you can watch in the forum for very skilled people

demo 2014:
demo 2016: demo reel 2016 - YouTube
it is all I can do for now, I am a tech art btw