Junior Developer Looking To Gain Experience and Knowledge On A Project

I was going to follow the template listed but it wants a portfolio. Hopefully this doesn’t get removed right away for not having one but I am trying to build that portfolio as we speak. I figured this might be a good way to be apart of a small project and add that to my portfolio website that I am coding as well. I have been teaching myself programming for almost 2 years and Unreal Engine for about 12 months of learning.

I have a ton more to do and I know I will take longer then maybe someone else would on the same task, but I am a dedicated individual who spends their time constantly learning and watching lectures and tutorials instead of TV or other activities.

Hopefully I have enticed at least one person to give me a shot on their small project.

Hello Tiberius,

Jeff here. I remember posting something similar a while back. I also remember not getting a single reply lol fast forward a few years later and we at DigiFix are moving projects ahead at a wonderful speed. hold out hope bud. that being said, if you want some work to add to your portfolio then msg me back. there are a few projects that are on the backburner for lack of manpower. any extra hands are very much welcomed.

Hi Tiberius,

I am working on an animal based MMO as the project manager right now.
I am self-taught in unreal, but I would consider myself a newbie at best. However, I have a few very talented artists and programmers working with me on this endeavor in hopes of creating a game that we all dreamed about as kids. Please contact me if you are interested in hearing more and seeing what we have done so far. It would be awesome to have your help and experience.

Anyone else who has similar experience and sees this is welcome to contact me as well.



I am not sure if this offer is too simple for you to consider, but I could use some help. I am a programmer but not a game developer. I need help creating a very simple demo. It would be a partial convenience store (perhaps only one or two selves) that I can pick items off the shelf, examine their attributes and put it back on the shelf or keep in my inventory. I already have the Convenience Store modular pack that I found on marketplace.

Let me explain further. I am the director of a non-profit called Bendix Academy (formerly Kittyhawk Academy) where we mentor kids how to use tools and machinery so they may consider a career in the trades, maintenance, mechanics, etc. It is done using retired tradesmen to mentor young students in many lessons of being in a workshop and fixing things. All mentoring is done in our mentoring workshop. Sadly, we are not allowed drive the children to a hardware store to experience the various departments, locating things, and examining items. I would like to pitch an idea to my board that we use UE4 to create a virtual hardware store that the mentor and student can stroll up and down the aisles to see the items and possibly pick an item off the shelf to examine the packaging, learn its attributes, and possibly put it in their inventory (aka shopping cart.) This would not be a game, necessarily. It is a simulation of generic hardware store.

I would like to pitch my idea to our board of directors for further development and implementation. I need a first-person demo to convince them, and myself, that this can work. I think items in the Convenience Store pack is all I need for this demo. Instead of hammers, nails, paint cans, lumber and rolls of tape, I believe I can demonstrate my intention using the convenience store items. For this demo, I’d like to create one or two shelves of a variety of items and shelf labels. I’d like to be able to select a few items to examine its details and put back on the shelf or put in the cart. I would ask the board to use their imagination that, if approved, the demo would become many aisles of shelves and the products would be hardware store related items. It does not need to pretty, elaborate, or have refined lighting, etc. It just needs to be a concept demo.

I am hoping you think this is a simple task that will not take too long. Tell me what you think?



I´m Currently working on a Larger Project and might Need some Help.

There are alot of Tasks that you could Look into to Gain Exerience throu out the Dev Period.

The Project is Called Salomon and is Based on Resident Evil and TLOU.

Tis is Currently a LB Project but Deals are allready made for Publishing and more.

Would Love to hear from you.

Greetings from Germany,

BI Studios

Hey, are you still looking for a project? I’m a low-poly artist and designer, and looking to team up with a programmer for a couple of small itch.io alike games to test few interesting mechanics. All games will be made with release and polish in mind, no matter how small, and kept reasonably simple in scope so it’s not a half a year project. I’ve sent you my Discord if you want to continue chatting.