Junior C++/Blueprint Developer.

About me:

  • I am a french developer, passionate about video games since I am a kid.
  • I have an engineer degree in computer science, with an AR and VR option.
  • I have 6 months professional experience with UE4, and 1 year with Unity.
  • I am working with UE4 since 3 years, in C++ and Blueprint.

Previous work:

  • 6 months internship at Orange, where I develop a game in VR to help the company explain their innovation to customers.
  • 6 months internship at Bziiit, where I develop an application in AR to visualize data traffic in the Bergerac airport (France).
  • 5 months internship at Capgemini, where I develop a serious game to help manager handles complex situation.

Example of some personal project:

(Gamejam in Bordeaux 2016) made with Unity3D

(UE4Jam summer 2019) made with UE4

email: [EMAIL=“”]
Or by PM here.

If you have any advice or tips to improve my presentation or my works, feel free to give them. I would really appreciate it!

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