Jungleroo - Educational Cartoon made in Unreal using Perception Neuron

Ive posted this in complete, but a bit of criticism would be great, as its my first full length animation within the unreal engine. So besides what i’ve mentioned below, any extra input would be appreciated. Has anyone any experience with perception neuron?

I’ve been working on this Educational Cartoon for the past 18 months.
I’ve tried to incorporate everything I have learnt whilst using the Unreal engine over the past few years into one project.
I will be looking at releasing a new episode every month or less.
Ive learnt alot more about pipelines and other aspects lately and overall feeback so far has been good, somethings I will be looking at for the second episode are; pupils are too big, lipsync is off, feet go though ground, reflection sphere placement for eyes, camera auto exposure, black ghosting from dfao, dof banding.
I would be very grateful for any Likes and Subscribes on YouTube.

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