June #UE4jam, June 16th-20th. THEME: FIRE IN THE HOLE!

Allar’s June playthrough spreadsheet:
The Sheet

Now streaming playthroughs of all the game jam entries:

For all you non believers! :slight_smile:

Respect mate :smiley:

I think you missed Bomballs :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure that game was released far after my stream ended, and thus the game jam deadline. Forum post time confirms this.

And just now I realised the due date was Sunday. Not Monday.
****, I screwed that one up. I submitted it a little before midnight on Monday night.

I think you missed the deadline. by about a day @Tyjaco

they post a link the the deadline in the event announcement for future reference. :wink:

I’ll make sure to double check next time. The May game jam was due on Monday so I assumed without checking that it would be the same for the June game jam… whoops!

all the game jams deadlines have been midnight Sunday that hasn’t ever changed.

they are forgiving on the deadline if you have packaging/uploading etc problems as long as it’s submitted by the time they get into work Monday, but that’s an unwritten rule & depends on their own discrection.

was just trying to correct your misconception on the time, not that you posted your game. it takes a lot of effort to do games for the game jam & I admire anyone that finishes regardless. :wink:

So I submitted last month’s game a day late as well?! I really need to learn to double check these dates! lol, what a bummer. Thanks for letting me know though! :slight_smile: