Jumpscare Spawner BP

Hey everyone,
I was working on a small jumpscare game recently, and made some spawners. There are 2 versions. One that spawns immidetly on a trigger volume enter, and one that spawns on the second enter.
As you here on the forums are a great community, I would just like to share them! I hope someone can use them, there isn’t really a license, use them for whatever you want.
It works with a trigger volume to activate, and a target to locate where to spawn them in. Documentation on how to setup included in the zip!
First enter spawner:
Second enter spawner:

So I hope this helped someone, this is my first asset so yeah xD! Feel free to contact me on skype (lucthomas02)!

Was testing it and it’s such awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks! I hope it can once help you with whatever you are doing!

It is a .COPY file, how do I import it to the UE4 4.23? I really need jumpscare for my horror game ;D