Jumpscare Help


I was just wondering how to create a jumpscare in Unreal Engine 4. If the player does not flash the flashlight for a certain amount of time then the character will jump through the window at the player

How would I go about doing this? and would I be able to also make the glass shatter?

Thanks for the help

There are a couple of steps to that particular goal, and we’re not clear on how many you’ve already taken. Do you have a flashlight system? Do you have a window, and a character to jump through said window?

If you want to check something over a certain period of time there are a few ways you could go about it. You could set up a timer, or update a variable every tick, or add a timeline, I bet. I would look into those if I were you. As for the monster/window-jumper, you would probably need to play an animation – and a sound effect, if you really want to startle the player.

I have the map created and all the models to go with it so everything is there. I was just wondering how I would go about making the animation to only activate if the player doesn’t flash the flashlight for a few seconds. I am new to Unreal and so I am a bit confused


Do it like that: In your character (or flashlight bp) create a bool variable (FlashlighOn/Off) which will be set to true when the player turns on the flashlight (presses a button) and to false when he turns it off. Now depending on how you create the jumpscare, you can activate it with the bool variable (you might also have to cast it to another bp). e.g a tick event which always checks if it’s true, otherwise it will fire the event :slight_smile:

Ohh thank you for that. I’ll try it out