I’m using the AnimStarterPack and I have combined it with the normal mycharater. and I have crated different jumping states that I want to do different thing, one is with the StaterAnim (with Gun) and one without gun (normal poses hand beside body) and I would like I 2 different jumping states to have a different velocity but I cant seem to work out how to do it. when I go to my Character Blueprint and change the velocity on the jump without gun it changes the velocity of both jump.

if i had to do it i would first have a boolean “GunEquiped” set when gun is equiped / unequiped.
then i would check it on event jump. If true then set velocity to new value and then anim.

and after the jump set velocity back to initial value which is maybe what you forgot to do and why it stays on new value.

Here is how it works. Now instead of doing it with the movement speed you can use the bool variable that Fen mentioned :slight_smile: