Jumping SFX Plays in an Empty Level? (Please help!)

hello! so i am currently working on a 3d sidescroller in unreal, but i am facing a small audio error. here’s a 10 second YT vid showing the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNCcGjcKeFM. basically, there is a sfx for when the player character jumps in the game. i’ve built empty levels with widgets for the title & control screens with nothing in them, but when i play them, you can hear the jumping sfx on a loop! i see that when the level plays, it says the player character is there, but it shouldn’t be.

is there a way for me to either a) remove the player character’s spawn point from the empty levels even though it’s not present in the world outliner, or b) mute those levels?


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