Jumping in a train and moving inside it - while it moves

Hi everyone!

I’m about to start a small personal project for which I want to jump into a train and move inside it. Right now, I have my train ready and moving along a spline, and I’d like to be able to go inside and ride in it. The problem I’m facing is that, as the train starts to move, I don’t move along with it. How can I achieve something like that? I’ve been looking at other options, such as not giving the player the ability to move inside the train, but that’s something I don’t really want since much of the aim of the project is to explore the train and get from one destination to another.

Thanks in advance for your possible help!

Hmm, are you using CharacterComponent for the player? I’ve used FPS template provided by Epic with engine and I can jump on top of moving tank and ride along just fine. The difference is that tank is driven by physics instead of moving along the spline. But this shouldn’t matter I think. You can check it here:

Thanks for the link, I’ll see if that works!

I’m pretty sure this should work out of the box, I only say this because if you were to have a moving platform in a platformer game you character will move with the mesh

Hi again guys!

Thanks for your help, it turned out that it did work out of the box. I got confused since I expected not to work out of the box, but seems like the engine is smarter than I thought it would be (which is great!).

Thanks again for your help though!