Jumping impulse not always working in rolling template

Hello, I am having an issue with jumping in the rolling gamemode.
I have my blueprint set up so that pressing the jump button will check if there is floor underneath the rolling ball with a sphere trace. If there is a hit, a positive impulse is applied on the z axis.

I think this should work fine, but as shown in the video attached, the impulse sometimes behaves strangely. Sometimes the ball will have the impulse applied, but then appears to immediately snap back onto the floor. Anyone know how I may fix this behavior, so that the jumping works consistently? If more info is needed please just let me know.

You could show the tracing script.

The first thing I’d try: rather than tracing from the ball world position, trace from world position + 100uus in Z. Somethign along the lines of:

Or use a sphere trace half the radius of the ball - just to test it out.

May be irrelevant but it’s a potentially easy fix.

From your observations and debugging - do you think it’s an issue with the trace or the physics application? I’m seeing both red and green hits - are we using Multi Sphere trace?