Jumping attack and running attack

I’m creating a 3d beat’em up. I need help going about creating a jumping attack and a running attack. I want my player to have the ability to sprint and if they choose to attack I want them to be able to perform a running attack and then stop. I assume the same process would work for a jumping attack. I would be thankful for any assistance.

Hi man,

The same process you have for pass, from standing , to standard attack. should be applied to these attacks.
to be more precise in answer we need specific question, or screenshot :slight_smile:

Lets say you use the A button for attack.
When hitting A, you should check the status of your char. is he standing? is he running?
If is running, start custom-event “sprint attack” … or you should use the statemachine ,…
you can use a wide range of ways to do this .

same thing for jumping attack
you cant start an action in the middle of another action no?
so you check if the char is ready, and then start the jumping attack

Thank you that really helps me think about programing this