jump start animation

Hi guys/girls i decided to follow a youtube series on creating the third person game from scratch because i felt like a bit of a cheat every time i opened up the templates.
However i decided that i wanted to use the tutorial as a stepping stone to creating my first game instead of just a learning experience.So instead of following blindly i created my own character inside fuse and downloaded animations from mixamo . i was able to follow the series along with very few hiccups until… the guide uses a jump animation that is cut into three sections the jump start the jump loop and the jump end .This makes sense to me but my jump animation is complete ie it has all of those components in one animation … I did manage to get my hands on a falling animation and a landing animation that will work …But i need to find a jump animation that is not complete. I just need the take off to complete my 3 part animation … i hope this is making sense guys im a little stupid lol … the guide i am following is this one …can i modify a different animation somehow or shorten the full jump animation ??

Not 100% sure if there’s a clean way to do this inside UE4 but you can certainly edit that inside something like Blender, Max, Maya, etc. You can import the animation to Max, or whatever, cut the frames out that you don’t want and export the animation again to a new file. Do this 3 times for the 3 different animations.

To make this simple for you, on mixamo website, there is a slider function that controls when the animation starts and ends. It’s when you’re selecting an animation to add to your character.

Hope that helps