Jump Problem

All I have done is use the animation starter pack HeroTPP animations on my Character and attached a weapon and whenever I jump it plays an animations where his legs run to the right. Please Help

If you don’t have a “jump and aim” animation then you could split your anims for upper and lower body using 2 different state machines and merge them together via Layered blend per bone. Afterwards just take care via some “IsFalling” check and choose via some Layered blend per bool when you would use your normal animation and when you would use the “merged” ones like this:

The jump cache: Is just using the cached state of a very simple state-machine that contains a unarmed common Idle->JumpStart->JumpLoop->JumpEnd state machine (like the third-person template). Nothing else.
The combat cache: Is your final result with a more advanced state machine containing all your combat states, aim offset, IK for your second hand and so on.
The “Transform (Modify) Bone” node in this screenshot: Is rotating the pelvis bone (that means the hole character) so the both anims match better after merging them together. This could be necessary (or not) depending on the start pose of your non-combat/combat animations. For example if your non-combat anim looks relaxed 0° rotated but your combat anims look more dangerous 45° rotated (so one shoulder is looking forward) then you have to turn the hole body of the lower-body before you screw it together with your more combat facing animations of your upper body. But this depends on the anim. Hip anim or pistol anim might not need this translation while a rifle anim might need it.

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I know about what you are talking… split pin “get velocity”, split pin vector length too and connext only X and Y values to that…
after this, fall speed (Z) wont be considered as characters speed and you wont get walking anim after jump