Jump off falling object

In something I am making I would like the player to be able to jump from an object (falling in slow motion) up to a higher object that is also moving. Whenever the player lands on the object they can run around as normal but they can’t jump. I assume there is a setting or something to change but if not then I am using blueprints.

Any help would be appreciated

(sorry if this is the wrong place to post this)

Solved problem, i’ll leave it here in case anyone has a similar problem.

Check if player is on the ground (using a variable that is set to true whenever On Landed event is called) -> set landed to false if player is landed -> Check if player’s linear velocity is <= 0 (prevents double jumps) -> use Launch Character using ZOverride and having Launch Velocity Z equal to Current Physics Linear Velocity Z * -1 + <base jump value>

No idea if anyone else is struggling with this but if so I hope this helps.

Blueprint added

The Get Physics Linear Velocity function is connected to the start of the tick event.