Jump Node/ Execution Arrow Direction [QoL]

A Jump node would be handy for creating looping scripts without the current messy wire configuration. Allowing us to change the rotation and/or the position of the execution arrows could also be a solution (this would be particularly handy for a lot of more complex configurations. Actually, being able to reposition all wiring inputs would be helpful).
Ideally, you could right click a node and select “Create Jump Node”, and the Jump node would just work as a second instance of the original, and anything wired into the Jump Node will be directed to the actual node.
I tried some looping stuff but it didn’t seem to be working correctly, may be my install?

I’ll do some messing around with the loop nodes again to see if they decide to work correctly for me.

Because stuff like this is ugly, but it’s what goes down when the loop nodes aren’t doing what you tell them to:


EDIT: I’m aware that loop nodes are supposed to handle this situation, however a jump node would have quite a number of other benefits in terms of space management or blueprint readability.

Hi Xendran,

Check out ‘Add Custom Event’, which can be used effectively as a jump node. Once you’ve placed and named a custom event, you can call that event from anywhere else in the Blueprint.

Michael Noland

I agree with Xendran. Just a little circle node that would allow devs to change the flow of their wires so it’s less confusing would be super useful. Custom event nodes are too bulky in most cases.

Hi Matt,

I added reroute nodes a little while ago, which will be in 4.3. They let you pin wires and move those knots around the graph.

See [Feature request]Knots in blueprint linking and possibly other graphs too - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums for more information.

Michael Noland

Oh man so much better… Thank you!