Jump node doesnt work

I’ve run into an issue where the jump node doesnt do anything and im at a loss as to why it happens. Has anyone run into a similar issue? The execution flow continues from the jump node, but it doesnt do anything. I’ve attached a gif showing the issue. Ive tried with the “p” key and JumpAction key that is set to spacebar. both of them have Consume Input enabled and override Parent Binding.


Edit: Can Jump is also enabled

Set the jump height to something higher than the default value.
Or just use alternatives of jump like add force etc.

It looks like you are playing a multiplayer game, is the movement replicated?
Is the game paused?

Not really a valid solution to use the alternatives to the Jump node as they dont have the same feel to them and arent replicated.

So I found the solution and it seems to be very specific to my project. As its a collaborative project multiple people are working on it and apparently, someone added an invalid AND condition to the CanJump (const).

The picture above shows the invalid CanJump const on the player character
and below I added a valid bool to the AND condition