Jump height change according to character mass

I changed mass value in CharacterMovement detail panel, but the jump height doesn’t changed in game

Any one who knows this problem :frowning:

Any one who knows this problem :frowning:

It’s not really a problem per se. It’s simply not how things work in UE4 - character mass has no influence on the jump height. Fiddle with the movement component instead:

The Jump Z Velocity is what you’re after. If you do want to tie it directly to the character mass, it can be done, too.

Isn’t there any way the mass influence to jump height?
even trick…

Sure there is:

Above, a character who is 50 can jump 1000, a heavy one weighing 150 can only jump 500. And everything in between.

I did not understand the blueprint well. Sorry.
Um… Actually I make jump simulator in the moon, so i have to set the gravity 1/6 and mass 1/6
Do u know how to set the value in that blueprint?
(I’m so sorry to reply, the project should made tomorrow)