Jump End to Idle

Hi, I’m working on animating my character’s basic movement using the TwinBlades bundle from the marketplace. However, the jump end stance is different from the idle animation I am using so my character snaps back into idle position after jumping. Is there a way to blend the jump end with idle animation or set my jump end stance pose?

it shojld already be done for the default character.
Paragn charachters use a special additive animation for the recovery.

You would simply need to create a different additive compatible with your base movement cycle to get it to be stable.

To do so, export the base animation with a preview mesh for whatever state you wish to end in, and create a new animation where you drop the hips and the rest of the body slightly.

Once you import and use it, it should solve the issue.

You may wish to leave the original untouched and lock access into it to be avaliable only when speed is >0 if the issue you have is isolated to landing in Idle.