Jump attack montage problem

So when I do the jump its standard setup - If Jump do jump start anim → time remaining ratio .2 go to jump Idle anim → on land do jump end anim…

But if I play a montage for attack in the air during either Jump start or Jump idle
After it finishes the attack montage - the Jump START anim restarts over again - making my character do a jump anim in the air rather than picking up at the time remaining ratio -

What I’d like to have happen is - after the attack montage - character goes to JumpIdle or falling anim

Also - if I do an attack right before landing it totally skips the Land animation - I would like to be able to over-ride the attack with a land anim…

I recently encountered something very similar.

The issue (for me), was that when the montage finished playing, the Anim StateMachine kicked out and re-entered.

Epic is discussing, as it has to do with relevancy logic they tweaked since 4.12, but there is no solution as yet.

My “workaround” was to create a state node upon entry in to the LocoMotion graph.
This node has no animation information assigned to it. From this entry node, it has rules that branch out to my various states my player could have been in when it kicked out. This way, the statemachine can “return” to the proper state in the event it kicks out and re-enters.

Tedious? YES. But it works until a better solution is presented.

Interesting solution - I will try that as well
I hope they fix this soon - it feels like a niche thing…I’m not too sure why I haven’t found more info on “jump attacks” online - maybe not too many people dealing with it - I wonder how they deal with it in games like Street Fighter where they do in air attacks - I’d love to see that state machine :slight_smile:

I was messing around with something last night that ended up working as well.
After I did the “In air attack” I forced it to go into the “in air Idle” and then upon landing I did a stop montage just in case the montage was going on while landing to forcing it go into land anim

Would you mind just throwing a quick screenshot of what you mean?