Jump Attack Montage Possible bug Please help

I’m using 4.14.3 Im noticing something strange

So I’m working on a Ghosts and Goblins type side-scroller where my character attacks with throwing weapons. Im using montages to trigger the anims for throw attacks

I have a standard set up for my state machine

So when I do the jump its standard setup - If Jump do jump start anim → time remaining ratio .2 go to jump Idle anim → on land do jump end anim…

PROBLEM: -> When I play the montage in the air during the jump start or jump idle - after the attack finishes - my character goes Back to Jump start anim in mid air as if the “time remaining ratio” does not get cached or accounted for or gets disregarded completely.

What I’d like to have happen is - after the attack montage - character goes to JumpIdle or falling anim

Also - if I do an attack right before landing it totally skips the Land animation - I would like to be able to over-ride the attack with a land anim…

I was wondering if this is a known thing?

Secondly I was wondering if there are any resources for advanced setups of state machines + montages…That have Jump Attacks? I keep looking for them but I just cannot seem to find any. Super curious on how games like street fighter IV and V have their state machines set up.