Jump Anticipation Blueprint

Hi I have setup my own 3rd person game and character.
I have everything working fine so far so good.
When it comes to jumping my animation Is split up into , JumpCrouch - JumpStart - JumpLoop - JumpEnd

My blueprints are as follows:

Character Blueprint :


Animation Blueprint :


State Machine :


Ok now the jump just goes - [Jump key pressed] - Jump
The problem with this is the jump crouch animation, I want this to play after the spacebar has been pressed and stay on the last frame of the animation until released, After which id like
the animation JumpStart to play and to start the actual jump itself.

As you can see I am using a IsInAir? variable, The problem with this is that when used this way the crouch animation plays as its jumping and theres no jump preparation.

I cant put a delay in the state machine as it doesn’t appear there.

And if I was to edit the jump as [Jump Key Pressed] - Delay - Jump
It would just delay the whole animation being played and not let the crouch animation play for as long as you hold the spacebar then jump on spacebar release.

If someone could help me that would be great as im very new to all this. Thanks.

Try making a boolean for your animation to watch, called something like bPreparingForJump. Set bPreparingForJump to true on jump pressed. Then on jump released set bPreparingForJump to false, and make the player jump as you normally would.

Watch that boolean in your animation and do whatever voodoo it is animators do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick question, how would I make the Boolean set true when space is pressed, I see no way to make it true


I did this, so when jumps pressed it sets one Boolean to true, and when released it sets another to true.

The jump prepare Boolean I put in the state machine to trigger JumpCrouch animation and it doesn’t work at all, doesn’t even set the Boolean to true.
Also the release jump Boolean doesn’t even work either. I cant even add it to the state machine…Why is this??
It triggers the jump after release of jump key but doesn’t play any animation from the state machine…

It’s a boolean. It represents two states. Set it to true on pressed and false on release. Either you’re preparing for a jump or not.

As to animation blueprints, I haven’t spent much time there so I’m not the one to help with that.

I understand that, However I don’t want the animation to play all the time it says false.
I would prefer it does nothing on false and activates when true.
So I have used 2 different variables, one set to true on spacebar jump And one set to true on spacebar jump release. And I don’t see how your supposed to check if the variable is true or false and send either to activate.
And my fkin character has now dissapered for no reason LOL! =(
Fixed that. Still cant get how to delay this jump start tho, nothing seems to be working

Ahhh I had it all confused lol

So now ive got this bit right : (I Think)


My problem is with the state machine.
I want this Boolean variable accessable through the state machine, so when jumpPrep is true it plays the jump crouch animation: and on release when false I want it to activate the jump start animation. Is there anyway to access the variable from the state machine blue print?