Jump all the time

Hi there,

Somebody know how to make this function? When player is holding spacebar, the character will jump all the time. [In blueprint]

With blueprint jumping you have: onKey press jump. And that is it.

So instead of that, on keypress make player jump, add delay, check if space is still pressed, connect that to jumping node again.
That is very basic version of it, for real game you would want to make it a bit more complicated, with timers or checking in game seconds, etc.

Hi Malisz99,

Just to expand on Nawrot’s response, below is a pretty rough version of what you need:

as Nawrot mentioned, for anything further than testing you may look at bulk out the operation a little but in essence this works.


Hi Malisz99,

This is how I would set something up like a repeating jump.


Thanks guys

Really magnificent (I just learned new thing about BPS). But that was just showing off. :smiley:

I can’t get it to work, it’s all the same. Anything different I can do ? (4.18)