JUMP - 2d/3d animation short film - Final university project at NAD

Here is my final project that I realized during my last session at the university! A short animated film in 2d / 3d that I realized alone which is called JUMP. Everything is done in Unreal but the 2D part was done later in Photoshop. It’s 2 minutes in 8 frames per second. It has been a lot of work but I really got my hands dirty and I’m very happy with the final result!

At first, I thought that 8 frames per sec are a bit too less but when the girl and bird come into motion their movements look so D A M N good. Great work on the video man.

Great work! But I think that can increase the frame for the video. Because when I finished watching the video, I has a little bit headache. But still a very good video.