July UE4jam Submission Thread

Welcome to the July UE4JAM Submission thread!

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Name of submission: Invasion of the mutant Shrooms
Download link: Dropbox - Celtic Dragon_Invasion of the mutant - Simplify your life
Team name: Celtic Dragon
Team Members: MiGint
How to use:
wasd to move
tab to pause
space to jump
left click to attack
right click to put away weapon

Okay, so we start first :slight_smile: - imbalance


Who are you?
Hey, we’re team Gameplay Universe.
A team of two guys from Germany,
Merlin & Markus.
We don’t have a strict separation for the tasks, so everyone did something in every part of the game development.

How do I interpret your game concerning the theme?
You need to keep your balance on a rope high above the city. To do so, you got a stick and a crowd that shears for you; so you are literally holding a big stick. The crowd is either pleased and therefore more gentle towards you or they are not hyped by your skill, which will result in unpleasant phrases and words.

What are the controls?
A, D – control your balance
other keys on the keyboard - Press in the right moment, to succeed the QuickTime-Events

What is the aim of the game?
This is basically a highscore-game. The higher the score at the end screen the better.
The highscore depends on how far you travel, before you fall down into the abyss. Don’t forget to hype-up the crowd, as it will be harder to controll your balance, if the crowd is against you.

Here are our team’s highest scores:
Merlin: 323
Markus: 287

Did you create all the assets (including music) yourself?
Everything, except the scream.

Is this your first entry?
No, this is the sixth time we participate in an epic game jam :slight_smile:
(First was on Dec 2014, three in 2015 and this is the second this year. Thank you epic for these cool events!)

Where can I download the game?
Right here: Windows 64 bit (Reuploaded (due to build problems) -Dropbox | Google Drive)
How does the Game look like?
(click to enlarge screenshot)


Download link : DownLoad

Team Name : Busan

Team Members : Kang, DK, Han

Name of Submision : Busan_RooseveltPong

Control :

Player 1 = Vive Controller
Player 2 = Gamepad or Keyboard

Beer party time!

Link to a download of your game -!AnGB6xu-j70c5iMxveMzv2cRxiX2
Team name - TeamName
List of team members - Shiv
Name of your submission - TeamName_AstroGOGO

Hit the asteroid for points, try not to let it hit the planets.

Game controls -

Jump (Hold it down for bigger jump!) - W, Up arrow, A button on controller, Z, Space bar, Right mouse.

USE BIG STICK(Hold it down for bigger hit!) - Left mouse, X, Controller triggers.

Restart - R, B button on controller.

Quit - Esc, Back button on controller.

Most of the sound grabbed from creative commons, the rest is my voice.

Player controller by Xaklse -


Link to the download:
Team name: semleti
List of team members: semleti
Name of your submission: Semleti__Speak_SoftlyAndCarryABigStick

Link to the source:

VoodooStick by DazPetty



Link to the game: Dropbox - Error
Team name: Drunk Trio
Team members: Tree, Map, Valdes
Submission: DrunkTrio_EscapeTheDungeon

A little about the game:

  • You are trapped in a dark dungeon and have to escape.
  • At the crossroads 2 paths will be blocked, while the 3rd has a crystal at the end which you have to activate
  • After you activate the crystal stay close to it to hear a hint about which direction you must go in
  • All paths lead to a new crossroad, but the right path gives you a point while the wrong gives you nothing
  • To escape the dungeon you must collect enough points

WASD + Mouse - movement
Left mouse button - activate the crystal when close to it
R - restart the game at any point
Q - quit the game

  • All the assets are created by us
  • Background musics and footstep sounds are from


Teddy’s Torment!


Team Name: Sypher Files Studios
Members: SpeedsterZ9000 (it’s-a-me)
Project Name: SypherFile_JulyJam

You find the game HERE.
Team name: JK5000
List of team members: JK5000
Name of your submission: JK5000_TheDogHandlerShow

You are a dog handler and your job is to help you and your dog through 6 levels.

WASD + mouse: Moves player
LMB: Moves dog
RMB: Let dog collect stick and place stick.
R: Restart level
Escape: Close game

Used Software:

  • Unreal engine 4
  • Blender
  • GIMP 2
  • Inkscape
  • Audacity
  • LMMS

Everything in this game is made during the jam, and it was made by me.

Good Luck and have fun

This is the tenth “Epic game jam” I am in. So here is a list of the links to the previous games I have made for the “Epic game jam”'s . Some of the links are for updated versions of my games.

Team name: RK
List of team members: Eymrich
Name of my submission: RK_Pastorizio

Pastorizio from Eymrich

You are a shepherd and need to move as many sheeps as possible on the stone area. The sheep are all around in the valley.
There are wolves that will try to snatch the sheeps and bring them away.
To move the sheep you can generate sounds so that they will(maybe) follow. Or you can grab them with your BIG STICK and drag them around. Or you can use wolfs…

Esc: Exit game
return: Restart game

Left click: Use the BIG STICK, if anything get hit by it you will drag it around as long as you keep it pressed.
Right click: Generate sound
Mouse wheel: Increase or decreare the volume of your voice.

WASD to move.

I wasn’t able to finish my goal, in the end the game had to use the wolves as punishment for the player generating too much sound(speak softly),
while the stick could be used to beat them to death(oh no i mean turn them into… dogs?!:P). Meanwhile the player had to constantly move to keep
the herd in shape and alive(go far). I discovered was a bit outside my abilities in the spare time i had :slight_smile:

Anyway, was fun had to learn a lot of new stuff.
Thank you for this opportunity.

TinyOctopus_WhisperProtocol Game Jam July 2016

Whisper Protocol

Download link:

Team Name: TinyOctopus
Project Name: Whisper Protocol
Team Member: SleepingBear, Northern01
Submission: TinyOctopus_WhisperProtocol

The game is set in a dystopian future, where an evil dictator and a swarm of guards keep people in line. Talking to another civilian can easily end up in you being thrown into jail. It thus rests on your shoulders to start a revolution. Use whispers to get people to support the rebellion and grow in numbers so that you may overpower the guards and eventually take on the dictator.

All assets modeled by the team.

WASD to move. Mouse to look. Left shift to sprint. Left control to drop from a hanging state. Spacebar to jump and climb. F to talk. Q to start the revolution.

Lumber Support by Onetimetwotimes Studio

A game in which you must sneak past monsters in order to retrieve a log. Once you have the log, you can take care of the monsters and win.

Team members:


I realized that I forgot to include note to my sourced resources, here they are:
Sourced assets
Animations & Rigging
Log Texture
modified from H.C. Williams’ “Red Oak bark in winter (or not?)” Under Creative Commons Licensing
Monster Assets
Mutant Pack (Mixamo) -Animation
Parasite L Starkie (Mixamo) -Mesh

Lost Soul

Link: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Team name: Moonrain Games
List of team members: Neokortik, Becky Barrett
Name of your submission: MoonrainGames_LostSoul
Assets: 100% original

You’re lost in the jungle with nothing but a big burning stick. Try to find a campfire before the fire goes out, but be careful - jungle is full of wild animals and ancient traps. Sneak past sleeping panthers, jump over dangerous snakes, run from rolling boulders! And thread lightly when you can - running and jumping can snuff out your fire much faster.

Moving: A,D or left stick
Running: Shift or any trigger
Jumping: Spacebar or A

Team Azaia: Voices Carry

Download here: - Google Drive

Team name: Team Azaia
List of team members: Zach & Leah
Name of submission: TeamAzaia_VoicesCarry


Download Link:
Team Name: Ra Studios
Project Name: DefinetlyNotPool
Team Members: Zexus_, Hazem Magdy Hammad
Submission: RaStudios_DefinetlyNotPool

Totalitarian Librarian, from That’s My Raspberry!

Link (ThatsMyRaspberry_TotalitarianLibrarian): - Google Drive

That’s My Raspberry! brings you a new and exciting library adventure! Keep the peace (and quiet) in your library by wappin’ all those noisy patrons upside the head! Featuring five whole weapons, this cutting-edge game is sure to bring you literally minutes of entertainment. Use a variety of big sticks to convince all those troublemakers to speak softly, and you’ll save the library! Or something.

That’s My Raspberry! is:
Ian Whitt [iwhitt] - Programming
Skyler Evans [SkylerWithAnE] - Programming
Bryan Kaelin - Character and Environment Art
Kyle Challen - Environment Art
Michael Burns - Level Design and Environment Art

Team: Molten Rock
Submission: MoltenRock_VolcanoStick
Download Link: Dropbox - Error

Devlin Willis - Gameplay/Animations/Audio
Michal Arendt - Environment/Level design

WSAD - movement
Right click - hold to vault in desired angle
Left click - hit
Spacebar - jump

Get to the top of the volcano using your vault stick to stop the ongoing eruption.

Assets/Sounds/Music used:

Music: - instinct
Substance Share:

Partner did not disclose: Uses (at least) some textures from the ElementalDemo.

Team Accidental Illusionists

Team Name: Accidental Illusionists

Project Name: Roof Top Ninja
link to game : **

**** Please Download this link . Its exactly the same build, only diffrence is the start button now reads “Start” and not “Text Block” due to no sleeping at all*******

**We are : Yonatan Tepperberg, Nadav Hekselman, Doron Caspi, Arie Croitoru, Zevik Perry
About our game:
Its an endless runner! Hurrah! Based on skill and agility!

You are a silent ninja, infiltrating an unsuspecting village, running on rooftops and avoiding detection. You have to balance yourself on the roof edges with your weapon while
ripping “wanted” posters that reduce the guards suspicion. Also avoid hitting vases that produce extra noise and will attract guard attention. Be careful not to get caught or killed!!

Controls: Mouse Left/Right - Balance and pick up power ups
Space - Jump

Assets: The main pagodas and weapon models and materials used in the environment were made by us. All the
sounds were composed and synthesized by our great sound guy Zevik. Other assets are royalty free Turbo Squid
and Google Warehouse models, and many are from the Epic learn tab projects and marketplace. The character is
from the Mixamo free pack.

Hope you enjoy,

Team Accidental Illusionists

Pick Up Big Sticks


Team name: Rathimir

List of team members: shaunathon6

Name of submission: Rathimir_PickUpBigSticks

Supports Keyboard & Mouse and also controllers.
Hold R (X on 360 controller) to reset a level.