trust me bro u r a good team yourself
that car game was pretty impressive itself
so u try register on yourself
really good

this is for skipy

this is our first game jam
we’re not takin it easy
give a good competition

good luck

Hey Vamshik, it’s my first game jam as well. Good luck to you! :slight_smile:

You’ll need it against The Catalina Winemixers!

Team Brew Beard signs up for the justice!

Good luck to all of you!

I didnt sign yet. Still working on an ideia!
I have an inportant question: CAN WE HAVE AUDIO RECOGNITION in our game?

Will you guys have a mic to play?
@UnrealAlexander ?

If anyone is looking for a 3D artist for their team PM me! Good luck everyone!

um,pretty interesting theme right
good luck figuring out something for making a game

Yeah I got nothing for ideas :confused:

time’s ticking
every second counts

This is my first Jam. I will do the Jam with a friend, but we could use some help.
We have an idea, but my friend is a programmer from Unity school. Its his first time in UE4.

If theres any programmer who wants to help please send me PM.
Our idea uses the mic input. But we dont know if we will get it done on time.

Thank you.

tw: @schmigel

I have the same question here

Yea was a slightly tougher theme to come up with a game idea.

Still a cool theme though!

Starting the play-through stream at

Spreadsheet for his playthrough:

The Sheet

Good luck evveryone

I played almost all entries. Congratulations everyone!

I cant managed to deliver on time. Lost almost 2 days with the mic input thing.
Our idea was to use the player voice to drive some actions in the game.

Maybe next jam!


como poso jogar jogos

For the july game jam I made the game “The Dog Handler Show”. I really liked that game, so I have decided to keep working on it.

The game is a puzzle game, where you and your dog together solve the puzzles. If you will like to try the game, in a early access version, you can now try it here. And if you do try the game, you are very welcome to leave a comment.