Juggling multiple projects.

Hi, My name is Rockley Bonner. You can call me RJ though. Ive been working in 3d for 3 years now and working in the USAF as a cyber transport tech. Im currently building Multiple levels in Unreal 4.

Darksiders inspired scene. Onely normals and AO so far. Original concept.

Stair scene; Working from Concept. Conceptual block out, built modular pieces. Expanding on concept.


Winter scene; Working from Concept. Conceptual block out, built modular pieces. Expanding on concept.

Heres some other stuff Ive done.

The statues for the first screen look amazingly awesome!

Hi RJ! Nice to have you here! All of your stuff looks super cool and I’m excited to see what you come up with in the future :smiley:

Wow, great stuff! I really like those two red/gray space shuttles. With that rendering they look a little bit like Borderlands. Very nice.

Really nice !!

Wow.Fantastic work. The First scene has a wonderful, stylized, carved look to it. I’ll keep an eye on this stuff for sure!

Amazing work! I’m a great fan of Darksiders, it’s a great game and you’ve surpassed it artwork-wise :slight_smile:

Superb Work! All of the concept you are showing looks phenomenal!

I really love the first screen. The white-based color palette actually works quite nicely.

Incredible work, can’t wait to see what you come up with next. =)

Now that looks really! Man, Darksiders really does have a lot of fans eh? I still stumble upon lots of fan art here & there. Will have to see what happens with Darksiders 3…

Hi everyone! Ive got a question that I may need some help on.

#1 is a tiling rock texture, #2 is a glacier wall texture and number 3 is a snow buildup texture. I was wondering what you guys thought of the breakdown and If I should build a blend shader with 3 channels or should I just have a bunch of separate planes with the textures assigned to them?


laying with the terrain Ive built and exported into U4. Only diffuse and normals. Ill probably throw a metal/reflectivity map in there but It probably wont be necessary because they will be mainly in the background.

Used an emmissive to make the snow emit its own light and seem like its gleaming. Dulled the rocky areas.

I preview the maps in here. ^

Small update on where Im going with this. Unreal 4. Some rim shaders would be cool…

Things are looking good man, I honestly have nothing to give feedback on. :slight_smile:

Idea of the composition layout. Ill be masking some areas and concepting some different color theory’s (as suggested by other people), as well as some background ideas before investing in the 3d models, all in Photoshop.
Any suggestions are always welcome.