JSON Lookup Table

I am planning on storing my ability data in JSON (I thought about CSV but was afraid of limiting myself to flat data).

When I execute an ability I want to look it up in a “lookup table” similar to how the CSV examples do.
This way I reuse abilities across Characters and also chain the abilities together to form combos abilities.

I found the FJsonSerializer deserialize and getstringfield stuff.

if ( FJsonSerializer::Deserialize( Reader, JsonObject ) )
   JsonObject->GetStringField( TEXT("Name"));

But how could I create a “lookup table” for which I could query against when I execute an ability?

Or is JsonObject the lookup table in this case?

What do you mean by flat data? Using DataTables with CSV you can include any UObject type.

I meant that by nature CSV is a flat table/row data type. And JSON is hierarchical. Can you show me what you mean by including UObject in CSV?

Oh. I gotcha now. I don’t think DataTables are what you want then; even though DataTables support exporting to json, I think they will always be flat.

This is what I was talking about:

But I don’t think it’s what you actually want.