Json help with complex structures

Hi, I could not figure out how to deserialize a complex Json structure:

{ "Servers": { "S1": { "Map": "DefaultMap", "Name": ", "Password": "" } "S2": { "": "", "": "": "","" } } }

As you might guess I want to make a server list so I need to iterate trough the keys of the array “Servers” and get the fields of the array associated to the server!

Held would be extrem apprechiated, hell I would even Put you name in the end of the game xD

I’ve answered a question a while back with lots of details regarding Json operations. I think the last comment would be helpful in your case, which shows how to iterate through a Json object: Check out this question.

Also, remember that in your example, “Servers” as well as “S1” and “S2” can be evaluated as Json objects.


I ve worked with complex json structure, if you are interested: