JSBSIM Plugin with UE 5.0.1 crashes with new clean project

Hi There,

I wish to use the JSBSIM for my flight sim project. However, UE5 crashes to desktop with the error logs.
In a nutshell:

  1. I download the jsbsim master from github. I can compile it without issues with VS 2019.
  2. I run the reference project and works flawlessly, I fly a few rounds.

I then copy the “Plugins” folder from the referenceapp to my “MyProject” folder.
I enable the plugin JSBSIM in the plugins editor for MyProject and then restart.
Creating a Pawn, and adding a physical mesh(simple cube) and the JSBSIM movement components.

Then I grab it into the world editor, and hit play:

And immediately:

Do you have any idea if I am skipping anything? Apart from “Plugins” folder do I need to copy anything else? The official guide doesn’t say so.
If you notice, the error message is referring a link to my downloads folder where I oirginally downloaded the script and did the compilation. It should not, because after the plugin folder copy, I delete the whole downloaded folder.

Many thanks for your help in advance.

Hi Breaker_HUN,

Did you manage to resolve this problem? If I follow the same steps I do not get the same crash.


Hey there,

Unfortunately not. However If I add a Georeferencing compontent in the world editor, then I can hit play and does not crash. But If I touch the “Structural frame origin” property it crashes immediately. There is another user on github having the same issue. I am completely confused if this is with UE or with the plugin.

Hey, I am having this issue too. Any solutions?

No, but haven’t tried anything else yet since my last post.

Hey guys,

Just saw your problem now. I actually fixed it and a new PR should arrive soon with other fixes. Please have a look at GitHub.

Dear All,

This problem is now resolved, the crash is gone if you dl and rebuild the latest master branch.