[JRPG] Starting to create a new game.

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a new game, and I was hoping that I could have some helpful input on how to build some things for it. For a brief overview of the type of game that I am making, you can look to the Suikoden Series of games. I am taking my inspiration from them for the style of game play. To delve a bit deeper into that, there will a total of 5 different “Levels.”

  1. World map to be able to travel on.
  2. Town map/Dungeon maps
  3. Combat maps (Random encounters)
  4. A Dueling Map.
  5. A War style map.

For those of you who have played any of the Suikoden games, these should all be fairly easily understood.

For those who have not, I will do my best to try and explain what each is as I go. Some (thankfully) are fairly self explanatory.

  1. World Map: If you have ever played a JRPG in the past, this would be the main mode of travel. Basically used in all of the Final Fantasy’s as well as a number of other JRPGs.
  2. Town Map/Dungeon Map: This is where most of the actual interaction will happen. Main buildings and such, things along those lines.
  3. Combat Maps: This will be the main form of combat in the game, and similar to most older style JRPGs there will be a separate look for each area that you are in when the encounter happens.
    4: Duel Maps: Basically the main character will be fighting 1v1 in these. It is effectively a glorified Rock-Paper-Scissors game.
  4. War Maps: Basically think of like a Tactical RPG similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and a few other games like that, but with some slight modifications.

So, after all of that, my main question is this; What is going to be the best way to implement all of these systems to be able to run smoothly. I know that the Towns and Dungeons are going to be their own levels, which will be loaded as needed. The Combat maps, Dueling Maps, and War Maps will work similar as well. My main concern is how to do the World Map and its interaction with everything else. I know that the rough scale of the actual landmass is about 400 miles across. I know that making it actual size would be basically impossible. So I need to figue out a good scale for it, and a way to properly implement it as well.

As an added note, I am NOT a programmer, but I know people who are, and they are willing to help. I am however a 3D Artist and Animator. I am open to learning anything that I can with this, and I am hoping to be able to make this quite a long game (see Suikoden games for hopeful length).

Thank you all in advance for your help with this.

Have a look at my jRPG Template: